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009: Private Practice Guru Dr. Matthew Ross

Episode Highlights:

  • Why your first working environment right out of dental school can change everything
  • How he found huge financial success right out of dental school
  • Courses that he felt rapidly improved his skillsets
  • What specific benefits a group practice model can yield
  • How to improve your treatment plan acceptance rate
  • Owning more than one practice


Part of what makes Matt a dental outlier: 

1. Matt paid off his student loan debt of $420k in just 30 months post-dental school graduation through production, multiple practice ownership, and prioritizing financial literacy.
2. In 2017, Matt’s personal net production after adjustments was 1.4 million.
He was able to accomplish all of this by offering implants and complex surgical, endo, traditional ortho, complex restorative; all in a comprehensive fashion and in very few patient visits utilizing oral sedation.

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Course Suggestions:

DOCS – Oral Sedation Dentistry Course

Rondeau Orthodontic Seminars


Book Recommendations:

E Myth

The White Coat Investor


IG: @drmatthewross




I grew up in Gilbert, Arizona loving sports and technology. I am blessed to have an incredible wife and three crazy little boys. When not working, we love to travel to the mountains and the lake for some snow and water sports.


Both my uncles are doctors and had a vital part in my inspiration. Through some minor cosmetic dental work done by my dentist, I realized what a powerful impact a healthy, confident smile can have on your life. I realized I wanted to give back to people in a way that helps them achieve a smile they are proud of.


I began my education at Vanguard University in Southern California where I received a bachelors degree in Biology and a minor in Chemistry. I was then accepted into Midwestern University in Glendale, Arizona, where I received my Doctorate of Dental Medicine. I excelled in my clinical skill development and became especially interested in the area of CAD-CAM and cosmetic dentistry. Since graduation, I have furthered my clinical development through continuing education especially in the area of implants, sedation dentistry, orthodontics and treating TMD.


Practicing dentistry has become one of my greatest passions. It is a career that I truly love, and it is a joy to come to work every day. I am blessed to be an owner of 3 dental practices and have a wonderful professional relationship with my partner, Dr. Pope. We are constantly striving to make the dental experience more wonderful for each and every patient. I love practice management and the challenge of creating a business that provides a greater range of dental care for patients, happier team members, and more profitability for the doctors. I am passionate about finance in both business and personal and was happy to kick out Sallie Mae at an early age by paying off all my student loans.
Upcoming Courses & Such: 
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