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025: Rewire Your Mind and Body to Become Your Most Authentic Self with Dr. Stephanie Zeller (Interviewed by Dr. Dave Maloley)

Enjoy this episode of the “Going Deep” series. You can watch this episode at

In this episode we talk about:

  • Why I had to learn how to lean into uncertainty
  • Why the Nervous System is key in freeing myself and my clients
  • How I cured my own anxiety
  • Why we become workaholics and use work as a drug
  • What’s happening during the day when we feel tension or anxiety while working
  • Leveraging the pandemic to create a new normal that is better and more exciting
  • How to stop using bandaids for our problems and rewire the root of them
  • How self-limiting beliefs and patterns are formed
  • How to shape a new reality by becoming consciously aware of your thinking

Dr.Stephanie Zeller Links

  • Break-Through Generator | This discounted workshop helps you find clarity. The perfect tool to use due to the recent pandemic.
  • Journal Prompt Series | 14 day workshop to spark creativity, reignite self-compassion and connect to your inner power and authenticity.
  • Re-Wire Your Mind + Body Online Course {Code: DentalOutliers for 15% off} | 21-day online program is designed to help you discover your patternsregulate your nervous system, decrease anxiety, and move past your fears and blocks.
  • Coaching + Workshop Website Dr. Stephanie Zeller

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