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023: Creating Light in Any Situation with Dr.Sahar Shafi

Enjoy this episode of the “Going Deep” series. You can watch this episode at

In this episode we talk about:

  • How to create light in any dark difficult situation
  • When to listen to your instincts/intuition
  • Why she bought then sold her practice
  • Pivotal + personal experiences that opened her up to different ways of thinking

Intro Links

  • 1 HOUR CLARITY CALLS: Schedule Here // On this one-on-one 60-minute call over zoom you will receive:
    • Direction and clarity regarding any situation in your life
    • Specific tools to use on your own after the call
    • Media recommendations (books, articles, or podcasts) that pertain to your situation for further elucidation
  • Re-Wire Your Mind + Body Online Course {Code: DentalOutliers for 15% off} | 21-day online program is designed to help you discover your patternsregulate your nervous system, decrease anxiety, and discover a new way of thinking, feeling and seeing.
  • Free Workshop: Break-Through Generator | This free workshop helps you find clarity in times of change or transition. Perfect tool to use due to the recent pandemic.
  • Free Workshop: Journal Prompt Series | 14 day workshop to spark creativity, reignite self-compassion and connect to your inner power and authenticity.

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