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015: Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone Every Single Day with Marat Awdaljan

Episode Highlights:

-Benefits of dental technology
-Communicating with lab technicians
-How to achieve optimal esthetics with indirect restorations
-Pros/Cons of extended function technicians
-Learning from the masters
-Understanding rejection and overcoming weaknesses
-Techniques for self-development
-Introvert to extrovert
-Influence of the scarcity principle
-A unique one-bake technique to be used with Elab Protocol
-Shade Communication using Elaborate Protocol

Links (all hyperlinks available at

Instagram: @maratawdaljan


Oral design symposium

Bryan Tracy – Positive Psychology

Tony Robbins – Awaken The Giant Within

Elab Technique & Facebook Group

Tai Lopez 67 Steps Program

Tim Grover – Relentless


Marat Awdaljan is a dental ceramist born in Tbilisi, Georgia, in 1988 to Armenian parents. In 1993, his family moved to the Netherlands, where he grew up. While completing his training at the Dental Technology school in 2010, he received the best thesis award for his thesis on psychology in dental technology, entitled “Key to the future.”
At the age of 21, he was given the title of Master Dental Technician and started working at the dental laboratory “Natuurlijk! Tandtechniek” in Veenendaal, the Netherlands. In 2012 he accomplished his training as a Clinical Dental Technician and one year later he became the manager and co-owner of the Laboratory and remains until today.
Since 2011 he has been the founder of an ambitious project, during which he has been traveling around the world to meet the Masters in Dentistry and interview them in order to find answers to all the questions and problems in the dental field. His interviews are published in the world-renowned “Labline Magazine” and in the Dutch magazine “Tandtechnisch Magazine”. Along with his passion for dentistry, he has been a Life Coach specialized in dating coaching.
Currently focusing on research on finding scientifically based ways of choosing ceramic powders and disrupting the dogmas, Marat has established the way to combine the eLabor protocol with the One Bake technique, in order to have faster, natural-trusted results.

One Comment

  1. Marat, you are really interesting to follow. As you know, but not many others, our relationship began at your age of 15. At that time I was your first “boss” for the first 2 years. After observing you for 3 months I asked you what to become when you were grown up. “A Dental Technician Sir” he answered. I was astounded to hear this phrase from a 15 years young boy. I immediately asked him why? His answer was straight: “Because my uncle is one and I like his work very much!”.
    Time went on and Marat ones in a while showed me a “thing” he made during school and most of the time he added that he was the best of his class.

    Something remarkable happened. Marat took care of the sample shipments of our glass mosaic. Because of the different compositions, the envelopes had to be weighed to determine how many stamps had to be stuck on them. I ones saw that Marat forgot to weigh the envelopes and spoke to him about it. He responded; “I do not need a scale, Vincent, I feel their weight.” Of course, I double checked but after 25 envelopes I was convinced. I was flabbergasted but reacted with the words: “Great Marat, go on like this.” I will never forget that moment…

    After 2 years he was ready for his training at the Dental Technology school and I was sad for myself but very happy for Marat. We ones in a while met and share our experiences.

    Now it’s 2018 and Marat is who he is now. Marat, I am very proud of you and again, GO ON LIKE THIS!!

    Big huge, Vincent Milovito

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