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014: Pivot to Success in Private Practice and Life with Dr. Peter McClellan

Episode Highlights:

-Leadership development and courses
-How to lead and communicate with your team and patients
-Going against the grain: how soon can you start changing a practice after purchasing it
-For the entrepreneurial dentists: owning one extremely successful practice vs buying multiple practices
-How to smoothly transition a newly acquired practice and staff
-What to listen to/read/or courses to attend to improve the business side of dentistry
-Tools/tactics to make big decisions and go through big changes in life
-Corporate Dentistry: good, bad or neither

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Links (all hyperlinks available at

Fundamentals of Occlusion by Jonathan Wiens

Dawson: From TMJ to Smile Design

Niles Guichet: Occlusion (order through Whipmix)

Dale Carnegie Courses

ACT consulting

Mark Costes – Dental Success Institute

Jeff Rouse & Tim Robbins Global Diagnosis 

The Five Minute Journal

Transcendental Meditation

Headspace Meditation App

The Tim Ferriss Podcast

Ryan Holiday: The Obstacle is the Way

Ryan Holiday: Ego is the Enemy

The Daily Stoic

The Cashflow Quadrant

The Dentalpreneur Podcast


Dr. McClellan wanted to be a dentist from the age of 12 and worked for an Orthodontist growing up. He is a proud graduate of University of Missouri Kansas City Dental School class of 2010. He served as President of Psi Omega professional fraternity and participated in the Honors Oral Surgery Program. Dr. McClellan received a full scholarship for Dental school from the US Army.

Upon Graduation,Dr. McClellan attended a one year advanced education in General Dentistry Program. Through this program, Dr. McClellan received advanced training in oral surgery, root canals, implants, cosmetic dentistry and treatment of medically compromised patients. While fighting cavities for America, Dr. McClellan gained valuable experience treating patients with oral facial pain and patients in need of complex cosmetic restorative care.

“My passion is to bring people into long term maintainable health by taking more time to analyze patient’s desires and problems and to provide predictable cosmetic and pain free dentistry.”

Dr. McClellan is a scholar of the world famous Dawson Academy which allows him to treat complex bite problems. He has been selected as an Ambassador at the academy and dedicates time yearly to helping coach dentist to be complete care dentist. Dr. McClellan also believes in giving back to his peers by coaching and mentoring young dentist to achieve their goals. If we are all successful dentist, then we create a “win, win” situation for our patients and family.

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