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010: outliers, why not me?

This is a special episode in which I share with you my thoughts (presentation) on outliers in the form of a presentation that I delivered at the Voices of Dentistry conference in Scottsdale, Arizona.

This episode, along with the video of the presentation that it was meant to accompany, can be found at 

MANY hyperlinks available for this episode (also found at


Robert Greene:

Book – 48 Laws of Power

Book with 50 CentThe 50th Law

Book – Mastery


Angela Duckworth:

Book – Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance 

Ted Talk – The Key to Success? Grit

Get Your Grit Score Here


Adam Grant:

Book – Originals

Ted Talk – The surprising habits of original thinkers


Malcolm Gladwell: 

Book – Outliers: The Story of Success


Freakonomics Radio PodcastHow to Become Great at Just About Anything


Ryan Holiday: 

Book – The Obstacle is the Way


Kelly McGonigal: 

Book – The Upside of Stress 

Ted Talk – How to Make Stress Your Friend


Voices of Dentistry

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