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008: Disrupting the Dental Field with Live Education and Blockchain by Serial Entrepreneur Blake McClellan

“The only person that can defeat you is yourself” -Blake McClellan


Episode Highlights:
  • Implant Compare’s platform for streaming live surgeries
  • Advantages of watching “live” procedures over edited procedures or presentations
  • Why asking questions over a live video chat can be easier than asking them in person
  • Blockchain and it’s potential applications within the medical field
  • Design Thinking Sessions: how to run them and why they’re so crucial
  • How to become an outside the box thinker
  • How to survive constant rejection and leverage it to your advantage
  • What techniques he uses to overcome exhaustion when he’s close to giving up


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Favorite Podcasts:
Joe Rogan Experience
Tim Ferriss Show
The Millennial Dentist


Blake’s Bio:
Blake McClellan is a serial entrepreneur.  He is currently the CEO and co-founder of Implant Compare, a live streaming application for watching surgeries and CE courses live.  He is also currently a partner is two surgical companies, Pro Med Sales and Vital Signs Technologies.
Blake was raised in small-town Texas where he learned small business practices by helping his dad run a carpet business at the age 13.  After finishing high school, he attended college at Georgia Southern University to obtain his business degree, however, his “Terminal Entrepreneurship” led him to leave before graduating.
He spent several years working as a dental rep and founded a failed biologics business in his early twenties. After attending several CE courses as a rep, Blake kept asking himself, “Why couldn’t this be online?”
Thats when he and his business partner came up with the idea for Implant Compare, with the over-arching goal to improve access to education world-wide while allowing users more time at home.  To date, Implant Compare has been accessed from 108 countries and featured in several publications world-wide.
Since co-founding Implant Compare, Blake has been able to lecture to hundreds of dentist in the Middle-East as well as produce live surgeries from all over the World.  His goal moving forward is to continue bringing modern technologies that have vastly improved other industries to the dental community.  His newest passion centers around Bitcoin and its underlying Blockchain technology and figuring out how it can be applied to the medical/dental community.

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