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006: Private Practice Isn’t For Me with Dr. Caroline Zeller

Dr. Caroline Zeller grew up in Kansas, a child in a family full of socially successful introverts where she was encouraged to participate in community activities and always fight for the little guy.It is something that she continues to practice.

“I️ don’t think I’ll ever be a traditional dentist. I️ want to do the kind of dentistry that is needed, and I️ want more people to have dental care. That’s not going to look the same everywhere. We need the dental community to believe that’s true, not be threatened by it, and want to make our profession better.”

Episode Highlights:

  • The future of public health dentistry
  • Managing stressful situations in the office
  • How to affect change on a macro- and micro- level
  • The power of in-office yoga

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Instagram: @publichealthdentist

Twitter: PublicHealthDDS

Episode Books + Links:

Deep Work by Cal Newport

No One Knows Me Like the Piano by Sampha


  1. Mariya Melnik Mariya Melnik

    Thank you for this episode, absolutely loved it. As a newbie dentist (graduated this April) I am navigating the post-dental school life and it’s definitely not easy. After listening to that song Dr. Caroline mentioned, I wanted to share one of my favorite morning songs too 😀
    Bluebird, by Alexis Ffrench

  2. There is such a need for increased services in certain locations and with vulnerable populations, I do not understand all the feelings of threat, especially when some are not willing to see the patients in these programs. In my area, we need so much more staffing ability and have such a reluctance to work outside the box. I would love to hear more about how we can address this and affect policy change for the masses. We have staff providing services that another level of provider could serve in my area – this is not effective use of limited staff for the needs that are out there and the need is so great compared with the staff we have. I consider myself an outlier as well, and I thank you for your podcast. It is especially refreshing from a younger dentist to know there are still those interested in these issues! Thank you! You addressed so many of my own concerns, especially with adult dental care needs and the fact that people outside of dentistry are driving these policies that don’t have the experience with the stories involved with their health care needs and how it can affect other areas of their personal lives and ability to become successful and have decreased pain and increased access to care.

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