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Host: Stephanie Zeller, DDS MS

I’m passionate about this work because it took me a long time to unleash my own inner light of authenticity. For years, I lived my life from the “shoulds”, and I found success there…

  • I became a prosthodontist with a doctorate and masters degree
  • Won awards in my profession
  • Published research and articles
  • Spoke and educated internationally

Yet, there I was, in my heart saying, ‘this isn’t what I thought it would be.’

The journey from that point onward is what I’m sharing with you, using tools and techniques I’ve gathered over many years of dedicated research, studies, work with clients, and self-experimentation through my own personal hardships, obstacles and trauma.

My goal is to free you from your life of shoulds and self-limiting patterns and beliefs, to reveal to you the truly remarkable person within you who is eagerly waiting to be unleashed.

Join me.


Main Website: Integrated Acceleration

Instagram: drstephaniezeller + stephaniezellerdds

LinkedIn Profile

Twitter: DrStephZeller

Dental Website:

Season 1 Co-Host: Dr. Naif Sinada

Highly-motivated and driven prosthodontist that dedicates teaching and leadership activities to lifelong learning. As a very teachable & quick learner, particular interests include the application of digital dentistry to various aspects of prosthodontics from surgical applications to comprehensive prosthodontic treatment and maxillofacial prosthetics. 

Instagram: @drsinada

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