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Host: Stephanie Zeller, DDS MS

Prosthodontist, educator, speaker, coach and transformational workshop designer.

I graduated from dental school in 2010, worked as a general dentist for a few years then returned to school to Baylor to get my masters and degree in prosthodontics. There my focus was on complex full arch cases treated in fully digital workflows along with research in the accuracy of digital workflows. After my residency my career exploded onto the lecture circuit as I lectured internationally on digital dentistry, complex prosthodontic cases and treating patients with complex psyches.

After 10 years in dentistry, my heart and interests have expanded into topics inspired by my own personal healing including emotional intelligence, developmental trauma, and living life to it’s fullest. When I hit that point in my life of wondering “is this all there is” I dove headfirst into researching that exact topic and found my most authentic self on the other side.

Now my number one goal with any patient I treat, client I coach or workshop I build is self-empowerment. I believe that you have all the answers you need deep within and my job as a coach and guide is to help you gain access to those answers within.

Through a lifetime of out-of-the-box experiences such as being a passenger in a fatal car accident where my best friend was killed, developmental trauma, divorce, moving dozens of times, and transitioning careers (to name a few on a long list of experiences) coupled with over $100k spent and thousands of hours researching, implementing and experimenting with techqniues to improve health, quality of life and abundance I have curated many workshops designed to empower you to reach for a life your heart longs to be living.

You can find my workshops and coaching services below!

Thank you for being here and for being your own version of a dental outlier. Trust me, the world needs you and your authentic badassery.



Coaching and Workshops: Integrated Acceleration

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Season 1 Co-Host: Dr. Naif Sinada

Highly-motivated and driven prosthodontist that dedicates teaching and leadership activities to lifelong learning. As a very teachable & quick learner, particular interests include the application of digital dentistry to various aspects of prosthodontics from surgical applications to comprehensive prosthodontic treatment and maxillofacial prosthetics. 

Instagram: @drsinada